Get 10 co-curricular hours at the Andrews Student Gardens each semester.  Come learn the wonders of the gardens and enjoy:

  • One-on-one interaction with other students
  • Learning how to harvest, prune, and till
  • Taking home fresh produce
  • A fun outdoor experience
  • Playing in the greenhouse
  • A free t-shirt

Of your 30 co-curricular hours each semester you can now cut 1/3 out by learning about sustainability, natural science, environment, health, and how we grow food.  Co-curricular will be provided for undergraduates.

Two Part co-curricular activities.  One hour of lecture (sustainability, organics, health, practical, nature, etc.), one hour of training and tour, and nine hours of field work.  For those who attended the seminar in prior semesters are able to skip the lecture and gain more field experience.  Please sign up via below, and download “AUgardens Release Form.”

The Andrews Student Gardens is both on and off campus and grows 4 acres of peaches, 3 acres of apples, 10+ acres of begetables and flowers (including over 50 varieties), an acre of berries, and 80 acres of juice grapes.

September 05, 19, October 03, and 24.

For more information email info@augardens.com.