About Us

Andrews University Student Gardens is located in beautiful Southwest Michigan.  Our Gardens serve three purposes.  First, to allow students to experience practical hands on work with fruits and vegetables.  Secondly, to generate income, support farm activities, employ students, and purchase supplies and equipments.  Finally, it will give an opportunity to serve the community with fresh produce that enables a healthy life.

The gardens allow students hands on experience with farm production. Learning how to properly grow plants is a goal and advantage for these workers, as many of them are studying in the horticulture program at Andrews University. Through the hard work of our students as well as the knowledge of experienced growers, we stock the community with fresh local produce. Few local planters have the ability to transition from the conventional methods of pesticides and fertilizers to the organic raising of produce. Our produce is sure to be the best quality it can be. The gardens include three acres of Gala apples, four acres of peaches, 2,500 feet of raspberries, 1,000 feet of blackberries, three greenhouses, and ten acres of vegetable production. Our markets include an 18-week Summer CSA, a 5-month farm stand, and local sales to the community.

Andrews University’s Student Gardens seeks a healthier community, a cleaner environment, and hands-on learning experiences for our students. We strive to supply a multitude of various fruits and vegetables as well as flowers and herbs. Educating the community is also a goal for us in that we provide them with literature that entails the benefits and information on the produce they’re receiving. Through our CSA program, mobile farm market, local farmer markets and farm stand, a weekly newsletter is available. The connection that the local community now has access to from the Student Gardens enables a closer linking to nature. Therefore, this brings a community back to the solid virtues and values that are obtained when buying through a local program that would not survive without this support.