Do you enjoy gardening and nature?  Come learn the wonders of the gardens.  Volunteer at the Student Gardens and receive a t-shirt and get 10 co-curricular hours at each semester.  Come learn the wonders of the gardens and enjoy:

  • One-on-one interaction with other students
  • Learning how to harvest, prune, and till
  • Seeding
  • Taking home fresh produce (Summer/Fall)
  • A fun outdoor experience
  • Working in the greenhouse
  • A free t-shirt

Of your 30 co-curricular hours each semester you can now cut 1/3 out by learning about sustainability, natural science, environment, health, and how we grow food.  Co-curricular will be provided for undergraduates.

Please sign up via below, and download “AUgardens Release Form.”

The Andrews Student Gardens is both on and off campus and grows 4 acres of peaches, 3 acres of apples, 10+ acres of begetables and flowers (including over 50 varieties), an acre of berries, and 80 acres of juice grapes.

For more information email info@augardens.com.